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Keeps your skin soft and moisurized.  You'll love the smell and feel of this amazing body butter.  Free from harsh chemicals and additives.

Whipped Body Butter 3.5oz

  • Luxurious body butter.  Raw Shea Butter, Olive oil, and fragrance.

    Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with the manufacturers and/or designers of the original perfumes.

    Our fragrances are body oils and not original perfumes or colognes. What we offer are INTERPRETATIONS and/or TYPES.  Any reference to brand names is strictly to give you a scent character reference for comparison purposes.  The original scents are the trademarked and copyrighted properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers.  Although our products are not originals, they are very high quality.

    Our body butters consist of ingredients that are considered safe for everyone.  Please consult a physician when purchasing a scented butter for children, a person with underlying medical conditions or someone who may be nursing and/or pregnant. 

    **Allergies to these ingredients do exist, so please test your skin first if there is a concern**

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